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Shifting Focus: How Does KCS Work?

Shifting Focus: How does KCS work? What is KCS? KCS (Knowledge centered support) is a methodology that focuses on knowledge as a key asset to any organization, KCS has become the tech industry's buzzword. KCS, Knowledge centered support is not considered an addition to any solvent more so the way in which you resolve the issues. As many companies worldwide use ITIL® to manage their services and support those services. ITIL® is helpful and tells the user what to do not how to do it or who in the organization or team should do it.  Expert Opinion ComAround, an expert in knowledge management has stated, “KCS aims to improve, develop and manage support delivery and shows us the value of knowledge management. KCS also provides a detailed description of how the support organization should work with the knowledge base to improve the delivery of support to the business to allow the business and the support staff to become more productive and efficient. Knowledge managem